E A N N E  R I C K E T T S

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1993 > 2020


The link to Jeanne Ricketts' 200 art piece catalogue is currently being updated ... 

In the meantime her short-film "Trapped in Freedom" vividly resumes how her body of works became alive.


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ocean's calligraphy

"Mektub is Written in the Sea" (Seasoul-series)

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For sale on Saatchi https://www.saatchiart.com/jeannericketts. 

Composed of two acrylic painted series of 2.44 x 4,80 meters on 8 wooden billboards extracted of the former 85 linear meters original wave, painted in the south of France over 3 nights in July 2014.

"The Renewal Hedge" Taking a walk on the wild side...                

Sept. 2014 on the Roc / old town of Monaco between the Cathedral & the Oceanographic Museum.

Sept. 2014 THE RENEWAL HEDGE ( LA HAIE DU RENOUVEAU ) - a 12m street art palisade in Monaco's old town, between the cathedral & the oceanographic museum. "VEG'ANIMAL-HUMA'ELEMENTS. 4 Natures United 4 Life." Representations of visual analogies of the soul's "inscapes", which may be perceived as the celebration of any shape alive, united into a hedge of protection against self destruction.