J A N N E  R I C K E T S

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a u t o b i o g r a p h i c a l

S H O R T - F I L M 

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" FILM to me is a multilayered painting

in which all limitations of one media merge into the next..." 

Jeanne Ricketts

A r t    S e e n    T h r o u g h    T h e    S p i r i t    O f    S o u l    


   L e o n a r d   B e r n s t e i n   

“Art cannot change events, but it may affect people so

that they are changed… because people are changed 

by Art – enriched, ennobled, encouraged – 

they then act in a way that may affect the course of events 

by the way they vote, behave, and think.

 “..We're only guests here..

Trespassing beyond physical boundaries as souls, 

reflecting relevant truths about the universal puzzle of our Unity.

 J e a n n e   R i c k e t t s.    





is an evolving 13 min autobiographical short-film written, performed and produced by the JEANNE RICKETTS

between the 12.12.12 and now, on what drives her transcultural art-life from a holistic perspective. 

FILMED & EDITED between London & Neuilly sur Seine by FRANZ FOX KENNEDY [FFK]


2.“Untethered Love” all rights reserved by courtesy of FFK (Paris) 

1. “Lost Waltz” &  3. “Camel Train” all rights reserved by courtesy of JOHN WENTZ & EIJU (Paris)

TESTIMONIAL VOICE on the Arab Spring by JAN  FRYDMAN, Attorney at Law and former Senior EC Official.

REVIEWED by CLAUDE GRUNITZKY Journalist, entrepreneur and editor-in-chief of the lifestyle publication TRACE, an international fashion and music title, and co-founder of the TRACE TV network. He runs TRUE, a transcultural think-tank and consultancy through a strategic partnership with leading network TBWA \ Worldwide, and is often involved in organizing international cultural exhibitions and events.

TRAPPED IN FREEDOM is a retrospective of SWAY's painting experiences, blending her performing dialogue and poetry on soul-journey. Trapped in an immeasurable dimension of Freedom, that is impossible to be shared live, reflecting our times via art, sound and interior locutions. - 

FRANZ FOX KENNEDY - Film producer at Universoulvision LLC, Music Composer, Pianist, Fashion Photographer in Paris-Neuilly.


We are in the process of giving the possibility of patronizing this piece, as this short-film is not for sale, but serves as a resumé to develop into a longer film. Because of the content, we would like to meet with private individuals, companies and/or arrange an agency tie-up which will help promote this short film.

We shall be screening exclusively for patrons, galleries, museums & curators.

- Any production house could use it before specific movies which are screening. 
- It's also Museum & Gallery material to be screened together with some of the art-pieces mentioned in the film.

For any inquiries contact us

"L I T T L E    C H R O N O L O G I C A L    P R E V I E W"