J A N N E  R I C K E T S

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isn't so much a movement as it is a theme. The style of the individual artists will vary radically, but their common theme is their attempt to portray the world beyond physical sight and to overlap mystical and spiritual ideas.

Visionary art purports to transcend the physical and scientific world and give the audience a virtual vision (hence the name Visionary Art) of what the world might look like if we could see spiritual and mystical things in our every day life. 

The type of mystical energies portrayed in Visionary Art varies from artist to artist, but the four elements (water, fire, earth and wind), love, lust, holy, unholy, positive and negative forces are all reasonably common. 

Art that deals with such themes isn't new either. 



Wiliam Blake, Hieronymus Bosch, Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst, Gustave Moreau, Remedios Varo, Frida Kahlo, Edward Burne Jones, Ernst Fuchs, Hundertwasser and Samuel Palmer are notable examples of artists who dealt with the theme of overlapping the real world with an imagined world of mystical energies. Some artists, like William Blake, even claimed to talk to angels and claimed they could see into the other world.

In the U.S. the term "Transcendental" painting was associated with a group that formed one of the most prominent of the modernist art movements in New Mexico, and it embraced abstraction to a higher degree than most.



"signs of the Times"

T H E   J E A N N E   R I C K E T T S   E X P E R I E N C E

art   Sacred intuition, Guide, Teacher & Healer.

"Art at the tipping point. Never before has the family of humankind had a greater need for the power of Art to generate calming connections across world systems. - Jeanne Ricketts' visionary paintings link internal emotional and cognitive systems with external cultural realities and explore new patterns for understanding nature and human nature. Ricketts is driven by locutions, which often incubate as symbolic portraits of premonitory situations of current affairs, as well as how we relate to one another from holistic perspectives. 

Simply put, artistic creations versus Art, vector of Life, is what metaphysically transcends as premonitions." - 

Dr. Phillip Romero MD from New York City - Founder of te Smart Peace Prize and author of the psychology book “Phantom Stress" 
co-written by Joe La Placa, current Director of Cardi Gallery, London.

"Heavenly Kingdom,

Earthly Kingdom"

Heaven as united with Earth as our Body with its Soul  -    J. Ricketts, Year 2000

A one hour interview in St. Louis Chapel of La Doire de Séranon, Provence, France, June 2015 

Jeanne Ricketts being interviewed by 

Dr. Philip Romero MD on her first 30min outer-body experiences she lived in Greece (1996) reflecting in  her murals : "Heavenly Kingdom, Earthly Kingdom" in the vault of this chapel built in 1646.

Dr. Romero met Andy Warhol amongst other artists and scientists, and wanted to study what spiritual people have in common, in the pursuit of brain studies and building a theory on proving that spirit of Art = Survival, and how it can be used to bring resilience and peace at all times.

More info on Dr. Romero  Smart Peace Prize


First evolutions


Jeanne Ricketts on her 3m high scaffolding in the early stages of her mural in the vault of St. Louis Chapel of La Doire de Séranon, Provence, France, Christmas 1999.

Nov 4th 2008 - 2014  WE'RE ONLY GUESTS HERE -  88,5 x 179 cm Acrylics & charcoal on wood.

This group portrait represents Mahatma Gandhi, MLK, Mandela and Mr. Soetoro (Obama), which I exhibited in a private American club during the U.S. presidential "selections" in 2008, as I assumed from a dream I had, that Obama would win, hence assumed he belonged to the other Great Souls who sacrificed their lives for Freedom to end modern slavery.

The story behind this painting I myself didn't understand fully at the time, was motivated by a premonitory dream I had in Summer 2008.
I was walking on the sandy beach shores of the South of France, whilst having a conversation with Obama. 

IN THE DREAM, I saw myself sitting down with him in an empty café which exists for real, called "Le Baobab". As we both sat down to end our conversation, surrounded by none except two dark shadows facing Obama, I assumed these were his bodyguards, when all of a sudden I saw with my third eye, what was happening behind my back.. 

One of those dark shadowed figures, was about to chop-off my right hand with an axe, whilst Obama did not warn nor protect me from "Them". I then instinctively braced myself and woke up from that nightmare, still looking deeply into Obama's eyes in shock, still believing he was coming into my dream representing "Hope". - Because that vivid dream, almost costed my right hand (I paint with), I knew my existence would disturb an evil agenda one day, and that Obama would inevitably become the next "selected" president.

In this painting Soetoro (Obama) is shedding thick tears of regrets at the end of his life, 
whilst lots of open handcuffs sway in the air, symbolising the end of modern enslavement.
(Never question the source of an artist not knowing everything himself at the time of creation. 2008-2014)
Rare are those, willing to pay the price for the sake of Honour and Freedom".

We're only guests here trespassing beyond physical boundaries,
reflecting relevant truths about the universal puzzle of our unity

J e a n n e   R i c k e t t s  - 2010


2001-2010  Tribute to Fukushima 
Mixed media on cut layers of poems in plexiglas inclusion  60x 90cm. - Private collection, Germany

"I started this piece in May 2001 in Amman (Jordan), continued painting it in 2007 and finished it over Christmas 2010, when I suddenly foresaw emerging through my own creation, a nuclear disaster. 

I was so overwhelmed by the possibility and reality of this vision from past visionary experiences which came true, that I at first wanted to destroy it, which is when I prayed over my painting instead, to reduce the damage of this unavoidable Damocles sword. As an act of intercessory prayers, I decided to merge in one of my own poem. 

Only few months later, in March 11th 2011, the nuclear Tragedy materialized in Fukushima. My own brother happened to be there on site for professional reasons on the day the earthquake took place in Sendai, before the tsunami ravaged everything the next day.." 

Jeanne Ricketts


The Soul Journey

When brave hearts hear their call

They take the courage to leave the crowd

And dive into their "Holy Land"

Transcending from ancestral wounds

Into life's renewal.

Sacred experience in which all sense meets

By witnessing the birth of vision

Life frees those who embrace its healing touch.

Swaying like a loose labyrinth

Or a web in its own Light and space, 

With interacting levels reflecting life,

Accumulating and losing

All sorts of parts whilst

Unfolding into various new

Combinations of serendipity..

In Light's awesome presence,

life tears and tilts our epicenter,

Expressing freedom to exist and coexist,

Feared by most since all

Limitations are self-imposed. 

As we're sculpting our lives,

We merge into life's spice !

We'll stop, yet never end.

Jeanne Ricketts 2010


Heedless, 2014 - Graphite and charcoal on A3 Canson paper

Mid-July 2014 - I made a sketch of a Guinness book of records athlete who crossed all World's Oceans on a jet-ski and never spent a day without going for a swim. The number of times he could have died yet didn't, because he was always in prayer and One with the waves that protected his life, proved me that he was another omen transcending into my drawing.

By candle light.. he asked me to sketch his body and realised that the soul of the waves that surrounded him all his life were sticking around him in that sofa where he paused. The soul of his waves were so powerfully present that they transmitted me the same supernatural power to endure the impossible. 

Next day I found myself painting with his transmitted wave-energy an 80 linear meter street art of waves, without ever getting tired; totally carried away by trance during  3 hot summer nights, without realising that it was physically surreal. 

This piece became “the” pivotal breakthrough of my art-call I concealed into my brand SWAY®.

Jeanne Ricketts

Ocean's Calligraphy // Street-Art performance on an 2,45 x 80 linear meter billboard, Port Hercules, July 2014.


Portrayed by Belgian photographer Ariane Smolderen, January 2016, Evolution of OCEAN'S CALLIGRAPHY 1& 2


 Exclusive Short Film 

Trapped in Freedom

Dec19th - Jan 19th 2016 

French Riviera

ocean's calligraphy

Mektub is Written in the Sea (Sea Soul Series) 

Composed of two painted series of 

2.44 x 4,80 meters. Watercolors on 8 wooden billboards extracted of 

the former 80m original wave, painted boldly over three nights in July 2014.


 OCEAN'S CALLIGRAPHY I,  2.44 x 4,80 m  vinyl acrylics on 4 wooden billboards.

 OCEAN'S CALLIGRAPHY II, 2.44 x 4,80 m  vinyl acrylics on 4 wooden billboards.


1st SWAY-poster from the Bernard MASSINI Collection, Maison Matisse, Nice, F




invited Jeanne Ricketts to Geneva in September 2016, to hold a conference on one of her projected 

“oman-series” in context with World-affairs and present her merged holistic family portrait entitled 

“Our Eldest Brother Iraq & Sister Syria”. — 



Feb 2008 - Collage & Charcoal drawing on paper -  27 x 43 cm

"And this is Iraq. Look what they have done to my Son."            

This drawing is a holistic vision of Iraq, former Babylon, with it's souls (Shiìtes, Sunni, Kurds, Jews & Christians) hovering over their chopped up body (home). Later in the Spring of 2008, the spirit behind this sketch revealed in locution in front of a judge and lawyer who witnessed me telling him : 
"watch it, as the next upheaval will come from Africa.." -  

I had no idea what this was all about until it all materialised as "The Arab Spring", as explained by my witnessing lawyer friend a couple of months later.

Jeanne Ricketts

> See my short film TRAPPED IN FREEDOM.


UNESCOle 18 et 19 septembre 2015 

Remise de la médaille d'honneur et du diplôme "Arts and World Culture"  à Jeanne Ricketts (sway), suivie de son discours "Art, Génocide et Paix" 
en présence du Dr. Agop Kerkiacharian Président de l'Académie Internationale des Sciences Ararat et de l'Agence Internationale pour la Paix

M. Shanti Jayasekara Recteur de l'Université des Sciences Fondamentales de St-Petersbourg

Dr. Marcel Valentin Président de Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Pacific Foundation Belize

Mme JeanetteTchilinguirian Biochimiste, vice-Présidente du Grand Prix Humanitaire de France

Mme Haygouch Grkacharian physicienne, Association Hadjin-Arménocilicie

M. Carlos Maradiaga "Enfance en Détresse", Honduras                                                                                                                         Photos: Juan Francisco Capunay

1915-2015 / Hundred years after the Armenian Genocide, History keeps on repeating itself. 

Dr. Agop Kerkiacharian still standing up for the justice of the Armenian genocide, here with SWAY / Jeanne Ricketts, 19.IX.15  during her speech below.          

 Jeanne Ricketts' speech on September 19th 2015

Génocide, Art & Paix


Collection privée, Agence Internationale pour la Paix, Paris

La paix résulte d'un combat spirituel qui nous façonne ainsi que le Monde autour de nous.

Tout comme l'oiseau du paradis s’échappe de nos mains dès qu’on l'effleure, 

la Paix reste un schéma ancestral que les familles et sociétés du monde rêvent de maintenir.

L'intemporel de l'Art dévoile de manière prémonitoire l’ombre du présent et la lumière du futur. 

L’art intuitif, perçoit les messages sensibles dans le but d’embraser les coeurs des générations. Le mystère nous est retransmis comme une matière impalpable. L’Art dans son humilité passe au-delà des traditions, des pouvoirs politiques politiques et ses idéologies. Dans l'histoire du Monde, l’artiste, comme un satellite ambulant, transcende ces ancêtres sur des terrains / toiles vierges. 

L'esprit guidé par l'univers, vers l'avant garde, devient gardien de l'humanité, gardien de la tolérance, de la pureté, la noblesse, la vérité, la compassion, la justice, de l'amour, du don de soi et enfin la paix. 

Patiente, la paix commence dans notre fort intérieur pour ceux qui sont dans le vrai. Malgré tout, la paix ne reste pas. Pourquoi ? 

Qu'avons nous fait de notre enfant intérieur? 

Et si le Monde entier en prenait conscience, l'abus de pouvoir cesserait - il ?

Ci-dessous : J. Ricketts - "Vague Humaine à l'Arrêt de Bus" 

Collection Privée, Saint-Petersbourg

Comme le disait si bien Picasso, cela prend toute une vie pour redevenir Enfant. L’Art agit en nous et nous aide à faire la paix entre nos expériences créatrices et destructrices et donc d’accepter nos limites pour pouvoir les dépasser avec plus de largesse d'esprit. 

L’esprit de l’art est une matière qui nous dépasse, même si nous pensons pourvoir la contrôler, l’artiste reste souvent émerveillé ou pétrifié devant ses propres oeuvres. 

Je crée presque toujours avec la crainte d'interrompre les forces incontrôlable de la création qui nous transcende. C'est une danse à caractère nostalgique et passionnel à laquelle l'artiste est un témoin intime de la vie éternelle. 

Par exemple, mon oeuvre "Vague humaine à l’arrêt de bus" (ci-contre), que je peignais naïvement encore et encore depuis 2008, fut en fait l’annonce en sourdine de millions de réfugiés qui s’abattent comme un tsunami humain et qui risque à terme de nous anéantir si nous tardons à nous tourner vers des visions plus nobles, créatrices et libératrices. Un autre exemple, que j’aimerais partager avec vous aujourd’hui, fut ce rêve d’un portrait holistique de l’Iraq (en 2008 voir ci-dessus), qui m'apparut sous forme de statue d’homme sciée en morceaux avec ces âmes planant au-dessus de leur patrie en lambeau. Je compris peu après, grâce à un ami témoin, qu’il s’agissait d’un warning du début du printemps arabe... Cette manie de diviser pour régner est honteudepuis les temps d'Adam . 

Nous sommes invités sur Terre.  Ne soyons pas surpris des bouleversements de ce monde en transition, car pendant que le Monde filtre les pauvres des riches, l’Univers trie l'homme vrai du faux.

Avec ma profonde gratitude je remets mon oeuvre sur mon portrait holistique du génocide de l’Iraq (frère aîné des pays Arabes), à Monsieur le Président Dr. Agop Kerkiacharian que je remercie pour sa confiance et sa bonté, et je remets mon dessin d’une de mes « Vagues humaines » au Dr. Shanti Jayasekara qui fut interpellé par mes oeuvres. Je remercie aussi le Dr. Marcel Valentin et Mme Marianne Septier-Deudon, sans lesquels je ne serais pas ici. Je vous remercie tous ici présents de m’avoir invitée à dévoiler mon expérience encore secrète jusqu'ici. N’ayons peur de changer nos réflexes d’esclaves modernes. Créons une armée d’artistes et d’artisans de paix à travers le Monde.

Votre artiste pour la paix,

Jeanne Ricketts  

Paris, le 19 septembre 2015


S H O O T I N G    S T A R S


I once visualized body & soul

as a shooting star

in which the body was a star

and the soul, a trail across the sky.

Just like them, we pilgrim

an ephemeral path, eternalized

in spirit + matter = Art

A heritage expressing

the art to love, live & let live."

Jeanne Ricketts - 2012

An unexpected connection with Francis Bacon's life

Jeanne Ricketts - July 2016

Tribute to Francis Bacon

"The Man Who Threw Up His Soul outside Monaco's Casino

A3 size acrylic inks on Canson paper

FYI: Upcoming story

Unexpected link with Pablo Picasso

FYI: Upcoming story

                                                                   FYI: Upcoming story


April 16th 2016  -  EMBRACING THE UNKNOWN

SWAY's Private View after her six months hermitage at 

Romy Schneider's & Alain Delon's Villa Solitude - Plage Mala, Cap D'ail (F)


Composed of a series of 6 billboards 

150cm x 750cm     Acrylics on wood

@Villa Solitude - Plage Mala, Cap D'ail (F)

Sept. 2014 THE RENEWAL HEDGE ( LA HAIE DU RENOUVEAU ) - a 12m street art palisade in Cap d'Ail, "VEG'ANIMAL-HUMA'ELEMENTS. 4 Natures United 4 Life." Representations of visual analogies of the soul's "inscapes", which may be perceived as the celebration of any shape alive, united into a hedge of protection against self destruction.


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"VEG'ANIMAL-HUMA'ELEMENTS. 4 Natures United for Life.
" Representations of visual analogies of the soul's "inscapes",
a celebration of any shape alive, 
united into a hedge of protection against self destruction.
FYI: Upcoming story